Podcast XVII: Light the Fusé!


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Remember that time we had a podcast? No, us neither. Having debated extensively on what to cover for our first episode in quite some time, we found ourselves drawn to 2012 feature film and Scotland Loves Anime alumni Fuse: Memoirs … Continue reading

Podcast XV: “Is Shinkai Boring?”


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Kick off your shoes, it’s time to talk Makoto Shinkai! Following on from the European premiere at Scotland Loves Anime 2013, we’re devoting an episode to Shinkai’s latest feature, Garden of Words, while also taking some time to discuss his … Continue reading

AUKN Podcast XII: An Audience with Andrew Partridge


Time to fill that anime-podcast-shaped hole in your life by joining us in conversation with fearless leader of Anime Limited, czar of Scotland Loves Anime and all-round top bloke Andrew Partridge. Nakama Britannica XII: Interviewcast! Andrew Partridge Edition iTunes iVailable … Continue reading

Podcast X: Scotland Loves Anime 2012 – Almost Live!

Recently recovered from the wilds of darkest Edinburgh, it’s…

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Nakama Britannica X – Scotland Loves Anime 2012 (Almost Live!)

In a special bonus episode, we forgo social pleasantries such as research and preparation to bring you the low-down on SLA Edinburgh – a report so fresh, it was partially recorded in the Filmhouse bar!  Sadly this lead to me not saying much in the first part, as I was convinced the middle-aged hard-man at the next table was about to tell us to shut up, but never mind. Stagger on.

01.45 Tokyo Marble Chocolate and Phoenix Wright. Contains no actual confectionary, nor objectionable content.

07.55 From Up On Poppy Hill and Mass Effect. Goro rides again, Production I.G. Lose their paragons.

15.35 After School Midnighters. SCIENCE!

23.45 Berserk and Berserk II: Berserk Harder. “I like swords!”

38.20 Nerawareta Gakuen. We attend a world premiere! Sadly, the world is not impressed.

55.40 The Anime Mirai Project. Juju the Weightless Spider Girl Who Pretended Not to See Buuta.

65.06 Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. In which I find out what the word “nadir” actually means.

83.46 Closing – Aria (Susumu Hirasawa)

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Podcast IX: “Does Anime Reflect Japanese Culture?” With Jonathan Clements!

Breaking from our usual schedule of complaining about how things were better in [Insert Hippest Decade Here], this time we’re joined by author, translator, occasional voice director and general Renaissance Man of East-Asian culture, Jonathan Clements, to seek his wisdom about the extent to which anime reflects Japanese culture. In a sign of things to come, we also wind up talking about Scotland Loves Anime – whatever that is…

Jonathan Clements

The man himself.

Download it here!

Nakama Britannica Nine – “Does Anime Reflect Japanese Culture?” With Jonathan Clements!

0:00 The loss of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, the great unseen anime, disappeared from the record in an unfortunate boating accident. Scotland Loves Anime — the logistics of getting Japanese guests to Glasgow.

10:00 What is Anime? Nowhere near as dull a question as it sounds, leading to all sorts of gossip about the battle for anime’s soul between the spirits of Osamu Tezuka and Hayao Miyazaki. Includes the words: “Communists”, “witchhunts” and “crappy”.

20:00 Anime as Soft Power. The size of otakudom. The meaning of TV ratings. How anime form follows function. How much is the anime business worth? Includes the words: “chimpanzee”, “over-engineering” and “popular”.

30:00 What is a silver otaku? The impact of Heidi and Yamato.The phenomenology of fandom and misremembering Evangelion and Gundam.

40:00 Traditional concepts of storytelling, and how unlikely you are to find them. How “traditional” was the Hakkenden. The ethics of tying anime directors to chairs and slapping them. Noh drama and Gasaraki. Jinzo Toriumi’s Introduction to Anime Scenario Writing. Includes the words: “fallacy”, “posh” and “pervy”.

47:00 Wimmin. Do 125 million Japanese people all like hentai? The demographics of female anime fans and the birth of Noitamina. Fujiko Mine and the line between sexy and sexist. The role of women within the anime industry. Includes the words: “mind bleach”, “boobs” and “jellyfist”.

57:00 The chivalry of chauvinism and its impact on anime staff rosters. The evolutionary role of colour recognition. Women in powerful positions, like CLAMP. Includes the words: “xerography”, “concordance” and “primal.”

67:00 Aloha Higa and the unpleasantness over Polar Bear Cafe. How many fingers am I holding up? Includes the words: “sod off”, “Disney”, and “torpid”.

69:00 The nature of originality: giant robots and schoolgirl witches. Downton Abbey the anime, and what a production committee might do to it. Creativity among limits. Includes the words: “tropes”, “Metallica” and “Minovsky particles”.

73:00 Three trends for the future: Kickstarter, mobiles and China. The size of the informal anime market. Issues for intellectual property. What’s changed in Sino-Japanese relations since the publication of the Dorama Encyclopedia. Includes the words: “crowd-sourcing”, “Margaret Thatcher cyborg”, and “sandwich-making”.

84:00 The Death Note backlash in north-east China. Cosplay in China. And goodbye. includes the words “boobs” and “grabbed”.

Thanks once again to Mr Clements for sharing his time with us, kindly providing the timeline for this episode and generally being a top bloke.

iTunes link available shortly – search “Nakama Britannica” in the iTunes store.

Podcast VIII: “You Just Dress Bad” – The Films of Yoshiaki Kawajiri Pt.2

So, a ninja, a vampire and an immortal Scotsman walk into a bar in…

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Nakama Britannica Eight – “You Just Dress Bad”: The Films of Yoshiaki Kawajiri Pt.2

00.00 – Intro – Yakitori (Yoko Kanno)

02.44 – “Journey to the West”: 1993-2007 – Jubei (Kaoru Wada)

In the concluding part of our retrospective, we tie some monofilament wire round the hilt of our katana to discuss Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and Highlander: Search for Vengeance. When asked about the possibility of a sequel to Search for Vengeance, Kawajiri replied “No, there can be only one”.


Followed by: “Sandmantas Rest Area” (Marco D’Ambrosio)

1.22.07 – Closing – Forces (Susumu Hirasawa)

Thanks once again to daichi383 for his work on the edit.

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